Diabetic Food Matters

It is completely understandable to feel a little bummed about learning you have to eat diabetes foods from here on out. That is until you learn that it doesn’t have to consist of never eating your favorite foods again and that there are ways to make this type of diet work for you. Both type 2 and type 2 diabetes patients absolutely have to follow specific food guidelines to keep their diabetes symptoms in control. On the up side, with type 2 diabetes mellitus, some people have worked the diet so well; they are able to go off their type 2 diabetes treatment all together. With that bright thought in mind, look at some of the ways you can continue to enjoy your favorite things.

Anyone with type 2 diabetes symptoms can tell you they always feel better when they are eating the way they should. That means getting away from overly processed, high fat, and high sugar foods. Think of it as a diet you can use for better overall health, but that is exactly what it is. When you follow your doctor’s recommendations and eat diabetes friendly foods, your insulin needs decrease and your body is given a break from its insulin resistant state.

It’s true you do need to eat right, but no one said it had to be unpleasant. Take a proactive stance in your own healthcare and understand that you are much more likely to stay on track if you enjoy what you are eating. Let’s say you have a brownie recipe you love. The sugar free substitutes available now are wonderful for baking and cooking. Use one of those products and perhaps change the oil or butter in the recipe to unsweetened applesauce. It may not be exactly the same, but the brownies will still come out amazing and you can indulge safely.