Diabetic Super Food – Asparagus

  • May 29, 2024

When it comes to diabetic super foods, asparagus was one that I was in severe danger of never enjoying. I hated the taste of it when I was a boy, and had staunchly stood by that opinion throughout my lifetime. Fortunately, for me, I changed my mind about trying it again. This awesome, low calorie super food is not only healthy…it also tastes fantastic. Many folks drench it in sauces and other things to dress it up, but asparagus is great all by itself.

Asparagus Pinterest

What I particularly love about this food is that I can eat it guilt free. The calorie count is ridiculously low at only about 3-5 per stalk. This means I can have my fill without ever feeling bad about having too much. Few foods out there can provide such an eating experience. (I live in the guilty place much of the time where I feel bad if I have more than a palm-full of anything)

Asparagus allows me to enjoy freely and know that I am powering my body while doing so. So, what is so great about asparagus anyway?

As from low caloric counts and carb counts, asparagus is also known for being a great for your heart and for fighting cancer. The antioxidants are plentiful including beta-carotene and potassium. It is also is rich in vitamin C.

To pick the best asparagus, find examples that have bright green coloring. The tips should be purplish and they should not have an off odor of any kind. Asparagus starts coming in season in the spring. If you want to spread out the asparagus love, you can always get it in the grocery store or freeze it.

This diabetic super food is always going to be popular simply because of the combination of flavor, healthy nutrients and versatility in recipes. If you don’t eat asparagus yet, give it a try. Even this guy changed his mind and I am pretty darn picky about my food.

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