What Are The Possible Signs Of Diabetes?

  • June 21, 2024

Signs of diabetes are generally tricky to identify from the symptoms of other conditions, and there is absolutely no sign which will confirm the existence of the condition without having a full medical examination. There are some phenomena which should cause concern in anyone who has them for any period of time, or when there is no totally obvious other reason for the symptoms to be there, and these consist of extreme thirst and tiredness. If diabetes is highly suspected, complete medical tests will need to be done as soon as they can be organized.

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It is important to understand at the start that there are two distinct types of the condition, which have an effect on the body in slightly different ways. The type 1 diabetes is the most severe, because in this case the cells of the pancreas which make insulin will have been completely ruined. This happens because the immune system interprets them to be a threat. How or why is still not fully understood, but this leaves the body in a state where it can’t develop the insulin it needs to enable the intake of glucose. This will certainly lead to the body feeling tired, as it can not generate energy from food.

A similar occurrence happens with the type 2 condition, but the cells are still living and operating. They are normally not developing enough insulin for the glucose in the body to be absorbed, and this results in various results. Not surprisingly, the blood glucose levels increase above ideal levels. Not enough of the sugar in the body is converted into energy for use by the muscles, so the patient will certainly experience a degree of tiredness. There are also type 2 cases where the insulin is being created, but where the body is just not absorbing it.

There is undoubtedly why the signs of diabetes are easy to mistake for other factors, particularly if you live in a hot environment. People working under hot conditions might well feel exhausted for completely natural reasons. If they are not able to consume enough fluids to replace those lost by sweat, the condition is likely to be worse. Excessive thirst could also be present for the same reason. Occasionally, the condition can in fact be irritated by steps which are created to control it, such as drinking specific fluids. If you drink coffee, for instance, the body will lose fluid instead of absorbing it.

Drinking cola can be even more hazardous, as it also consists of caffeine alongside serious amounts of sugar. This can maximize thirst instead of controlling it, and can lead to signs and symptoms very similar to those encountered with the beginning of diabetes. The best way of coping with fluid loss throughout hot conditions is by drinking pure water, and eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables will also help with keeping the fluid content as high as it will need to be. If you are caring for the body in the the best possible way, or if it is not being exposed to dehydration or excess strain in the first place, it is much more likely that the condition will be severe.

If you are suffering from these early signs of diabetes while the body is in a normal relaxed condition, there might well be something more unsettling occurring beneath the surface. There is no need to panic, though, as practically nothing is a definitive sign that diabetes is present. There can be several different reasons why such symptoms should be happening, so the only sensible course of action is to take the essential tests and to find out for good the reason for the possible signs of diabetes.

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