Diabetes Diagnosis – Five Normal Emotions You Will Likely Feel

  • May 30, 2024

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When you first get your diabetes diagnosis, you are certain to have a number of different emotions and feelings. Some are going to be negative and scary while others might be positive and encouraging. The roller coaster ride is normal from what I have learned. I know when I found out, my thoughts went in a million directions and still do on occasion. Here are five prominent feelings you might go through:


Everyone is scared upon finding out they are facing diabetes. Nobody wants to have a lifelong disease or affliction. With all the scary stories out there, you probably have a somewhat skewed view of the disease. Most of those horror stories involve uncontrolled diabetes. I began feeling less afraid when I realized that I could do a ton of things to control my diabetes. You can too!


Oh, how I was angry. I was angry at myself, the world and pretty much anyone that I could blame. Then eventually, that passed and I moved on to being ready to fix it. Anger is normal at first. Try not to let yourself get stuck in that rut, however. You have a ton of positive changes to make!


If you go into a brief denial, you are like millions of others around the globe with a diabetes diagnosis. That is normal at first as well.


Believe it or not, there was a point where I actually felt relief about my diabetes diagnosis. Not because I was happy to have it…rather, I had been hurting and feeling all kinds of nasty feelings that to that point was unexplained. Now, I know what I am fighting. That is easier to me than a mystery diagnosis.


Finally, you will come to acceptance in due time. This is a very liberating feeling that will help you a great deal. Never think you won’t reach this point because it will come at the least expected moment. Mine came when I finally discovered some healthy snack foods I genuinely enjoyed eating. I realized that I could make the positive changes needed.

Friends, you will have a ton of challenges along the way. Remember you are not alone and that you have plenty of friends to help out. Join the site and we can all network and support one another!

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